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Wardrobe Style Influences

by Universal Interiors

Wardrobe Style Influences

Following on from our last blog, we are now looking at a few wardrobe period styles and where their design still influences today.

One of the earliest designs begins in Georgian furniture, where a gradual change in materials was made from walnut to mahogany. Mahogany became a popular choice due to its durability and distinct deep and intense colour. Walnut has since increased its popularity and is now a top choice in furniture with a vast range in shades. Many of our own designs feature dark and light walnuts, perfect to suit your own preferences.

Moving on to the Victorian period which saw a wonderful array of styles. Mahogany remained a top choice along with pine and oak, two materials still often found in designs of today. With Japan’s borders being accessible again, Middle East and Asian influences were prevalent, which featured a more minimal style, a dramatic change from the very first heavy and ornate wardrobes.

Fast forward to early 20th century and a post war society witnessed the birth of Art Deco in Paris. These spirited designs were created to portray the new found hope people held. Materials were highly polished with the common use of chrome in designs. A range of wood was used: ebony, maple, ash and the now ever-present walnut.

Now in present day, we have the luxury of combining our favourite elements of any period in our home. With Universal Interiors, the choice of style, colour and material is vast and is right at your fingertips. Walnut or pine, simplistic or detailed, polished or unpolished - the choice is yours!

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