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Truly Bespoke

by Universal Interiors

Truly Bespoke

Bespoke is a word that we use often at Universal Interiors, however, not everyone truly comprehends its meaning with regards to our company and the services we provide. In this blog, we explore the differences between ‘off the peg’ furniture compared to our bespoke service.

‘Off the peg’, ‘off the rack’ and ‘off the self’ are phrases generally referring to clothes that we purchase in a shop that provides standard sizing and without being made especially to fit a particular person. These products are ready-made and mass-produced and are usually sent to hundreds of shops. This concept also applies to furniture. Many companies will only sell pieces that are a strict size, shape, and colour. You could easily walk into another furniture store and see the exact same pieces on display. While there is nothing necessarily wrong with off the peg products, it can, however, leave the customer incredibly restricted to the same designs over and over. The rule applies to both bodies and houses alike. Not everyone is going to be the same. Shape and personal taste is key. You would not buy a size 18 dress if you are a size 8. Then why would you buy a rectangular shaped wardrobe for an irregularly shaped corner?

That is why we provide the best sort of service. The bespoke service. Bespoke is when a product is made to order each time. We have design concepts that we provide but every piece is adapted and measured for each individual customer for their needs and purposes. Tailored clothing is considered a cut above the rest in relation to fit, fabric and the skilled design behind the work. This too applies to our designs.

To finish, here is a prime example of our work from our self-design range. Not only are our products made to measure but we also offer the opportunity for our clients to chose any image they wish which we print on to the glass.