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The Dark Side

by Universal Interiors

The Dark Side

This month we are looking at some of the darker woods used in our designs: walnut, a favourite in many of our pieces, and cherrywood.

There are 21 species of walnut which grow to around 30-130 feet, they are found across the world ranging from Africa, Europe, Asia and America. The walnut is primarily cultivated for timber and nuts, the Common Walnut and the Black Walnut favoured for timber. Once polished, walnut provides a beautifully sleek finish and offers and variety of colours such as milky whites and dark chocolates. When air dried, some species can even take on a purple hue. Its tight grain and dense body makes it a popular choice for even gun manufacturers for gunstocks and even for parts in a pipe organ.

Cherry is also found across the world, including a remote area of Western Himalaya. Growing to heights of 50-100 feet, it is known for its sweet fruit but also popular for ornamental uses. Cherrywood has a distinct red brown colour, the bark of a young tree is purple brown which darkens with age. The wood is also used in musical instruments and for smoking meats.

Both offer a range of colour to suit the mood of your room; above is an example of a dark chocolate walnut, creating a soothing and warm atmosphere.