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Summer Sun

by Universal Interiors

Summer Sun

This month has welcomed some of the better weather and with summer just on the horizon it is time to put those winter warmers away and freshen up your wardrobe!

Whether you have a bespoke fitted wardrobe from us or are currently envisioning your new one, organising your wardrobe’s contents is a must and we have some tips to get you started:

Clear out - Donate clothes that have not been worn in over a year or do not fit.

Storage - Store your winter clothes away to provide room for more appropriate seasonal wear.

Presentation - If you can’t see it, you won’t wear it! Purchase quality hangers to keep your clothes in shape and hooks for your scarves and bags to keep them off the floor. Baskets got well on shelves to store small items such as belts.

Theme - Deciding on a theme may help you locate and coordinate your clothes efficiently. Clothing could be split into two groups: formal and casual or simply organise by colour.

Regardless of how you decide to reorganise your wardrobe, here at Universal Interiors we can set the foundation with our made-to-measure designs. fitted wardrobe