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Stress Awareness Day

Stress Awareness Day

Today (November 7th) is Stress Awareness Day. Here at Universal Interiors, we aim to make your life less stressful with our made to measure storage solutions. As we are in the second last month of 2018, many of us will begin to feel the pressure as Christmas begins to approach. We have therefore come up with some tips on how to keep yourself less stressed at home:

Visual de-stress: As mentioned, having a more organised home with our storage solutions is just one way of keeping the pressure off by having things in order in your home. However, try adding more photographs of loved ones or fond memories on your desk or walls. Inspiring quotes as art can also be uplifting.

Social Media ban: This one may be a hard pill to swallow but it really does work. With a wealth of constant information at our fingertips, not to mention instant contact with so many people, it should not come as a surprise that our habit for checking our phones every half hour may be stressing us out. Next time you are supposed to be relaxing, deliberately put your phone, tablet or laptop out of reach or even away completely so when you do get up to look for them you are reminded why you put them away in the first place.

Focus on one thing: As our lifestyles grow busier, we develop a habit of trying to multitask which means we do not give tasks our full attention and therefore cannot perform them to the best of our ability. Next time you feel stressed, take a break to do something you enjoy and it alone. Give your brain time to relax by focusing on a single action.

Positive Words: We are all guilty of walking in the door after a hard day and ranting over everything that has gone wrong. This does not necessarily make us feel any better if the conversation is unproductive. Try highlighting the good parts of your day and discuss them with your family. You will feel better for it and will be doing your loved ones a favour too.

Sleep: This ties in well with the social media ban, put the phone away before you get into bed to let your mind relax. Most of us need around 7-9 hours sleep a night, so get to bed even earlier if you need to catch up on those precious hours your body and mind needs to recover from a full day.