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Ready for Summer

by Universal Interiors

Ready for Summer

Summer is now here in all its glory and we are sure your wardrobes are fit to bursting with old and new clothes. We want your wardrobes not to simply look good on the outside but on the inside too.

Upon viewing all your clothes, it may feel like a mammoth task clearing them out but following some simple rules you will be set for the warmer weather in no time:

To begin with, clothes that are out of season (thick sweaters, and heavy jeans and coats etc) can be stored away until the cooler weather arrives, this should remove a sizeable amount of clothing already. If you are prepared to go through your winter clothes, consider if there are any items you never even wore during our last cold season and clear them out.

On to your current in-season clothes. The easiest to start with is damaged clothes. Will you make an effort to get it repaired if possible? If the answer is ‘no’ then out it goes!

Take the time to consider if clothes still fit well and if you were out shopping, would it be an item you would still buy?

Another valuable tip is if you have not worn certain items of clothing in over 12 months and are unlikely to wear it again then it is time to give them away.

Lastly, consider you as an individual. We all go through phases of likes and dislikes and this applies to our clothing too. Some clothes may still fit and are in great condition but is it your style currently and do you feel confident wearing it?

You may now have a mountain of clothes ready to go but don’t forget to donate them! Clothes that can be worn again can go straight to charity shops and those a little worse for wear or even underwear can go in large charity bins often found in retail parks or supermarket car parks. Be sure to read the labels on the bins for what can and cannot be accepted.