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Peace at Christmas

by Universal Interiors

Peace at Christmas

We are nearly at an end to our timber blogs; it goes to show there are quite a variety of wood grains and a colourful collection of shades used in our designs. In this blog, we are looking at Olive Wood.

Found in locations such as the Mediterranean, Arabia and Southern Asia, Olive Wood is known primarily for its fruit and olive oil which have been harvested and consumed for thousands of years.

It stands apart from highlighted trees in our previous blogs due to the fact that it only grows to 26-49 ft. The Olive branch is regarded world wide as a symbol of peace and its tree hailed as sacred. It is featured throughout Ancient Rome, Greece, the Bible and the Quran. Its leaves and branches have crowned many a war hero and champion.

Olive wood is a very sustainable timber as the trees themselves eventually cease to produce healthy fruit which is its primary resource along with olive oil. Due to this and its slow growth, it is regarded as an upscale and valuable timber. It is very durable, ideal for furniture, with a very attractive and distinct grain. Interestingly enough, olive wood is naturally anti bacterial too, perfect for kitchen utensils and surfaces.

So if you are looking for your bedroom to radiate a sense of peace or maybe a home office that declares you champion then Olive Wood is the timber for you.

Above is an example of one of our bedroom designs in Olive wood and blackberry which denotes a sense of harmony.