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Paint It Red

by Universal Interiors

Paint It Red

February is undeniably associated with the colour red due to St Valentine’s Day. We witness shop windows this time of year explode in shades of pink and crimson to celebrate passion and love.

Besides Valentine’s Day, red, and all its wonderful shades: scarlet, vermillion, amaranth, ruby and carnelian to name but a few, remains a popular choice for interior design, be that wallpaper and paint or the furniture itself. Taking a leap back in time to Ancient Rome, red was the colour of the god of war, Mars, which lead to Roman soldiers wearing red tunics. In celebrating victories, Roman generals were often coloured red. Roman brides could be identified by their red shawls that they wore on their wedding day.

Fast foward to the Renaissance and red was considered the colour of the rich and royal. In various eastern countries it is the colour of joy and good fortune.

Whether you wish to create a sense of nobility, valour or passion, the colour red has the versatility to offer a variety of atmospheres to your home.

Here is an example of our Bordeaux design with deep red sliding glass panels.

Romantic, kingly, cheerful or triumphant?

When it is your home, you decide.