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Our Canadian Cousin

by Universal Interiors

Our Canadian Cousin

Maple is yet another variety of timber that is featured in our designs which we will explore in this blog. Above you can see an example of our Canadian Maple Bedroom.

Belonging to the Acer genus and with roughly 128 species, Maple trees grow to 33-148 feet and are native to Asia, Europe, Northern Africa and North America. Known for their richly coloured Autumn leaves, many species are popular as ornamental trees. Likely one of the most recognisable Maples is that on the Canadian flag and coat of arms. Their national tree is also the Maple, it is a universal symbol of fortitude and strength. Our photo example here features our Lincoln design in Canadian Maple.

The most recognisable commercial use for the Maple is undoubtedly syrup, mainly sourced from the aptly named Sugar Maple. Uses also extend to its charcoal, a vital source used to make Tennessee Whiskey.

The Sugar Maple is also a valuable source of timber. It is also known as the Hard Maple being the preferred timber for professional baseball bats, bows in archery, pins and lanes in bowling and the flooring for basketball courts. It has a lengthy past of furniture production, with an extremely decorative wood grain to the extent that there are categories for distinct patterns:

Burl wood - A twisted and interlocked grain, hard to work with due to this, beloved to sculptors.

Quilt Maple - Wavy and rippled in appearance, found only in Western Big Leaf Maple, used often in guitars.

Birdseye Maple - Common in Sugar Maple, whirling eye like shapes across a smooth grain.

Flame Maple - Very reflective with wavy flame like patterns.