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Our 2018 Blogs

by Universal Interiors

Our 2018 Blogs

As we power on through the final month of 2018, many of us feel reflective on what this year has meant to us individually, what we have achieved or discovered. Here at Universal Interiors we are looking back on all our blog highlights of 2018.

We began the year with exploring more breeds of trees in the timber used in our wardrobes. You may be surprised at the wealth of colours and designs each tree can produce, offering truly unique designs. We featured rosewood, acacia, maple and birchwood. On the subject of timber, we also highlighted in our Earth Day blog this year that all our products are sustainably sourced. Our Earth blog also featured ways in which we can be ‘greener’ at home.

Colour blogs always prove popular and at the beginning of this year and near the end we examined the colours red and yellow, their history and what sort of atmosphere they can create in your home. These blogs are constantly relevant and worth rereading as we delve into the world of redecorating.

We enjoy life hacks as much as any other so several of our blogs every year feature tips on how to stay organised, tidy and happy at home. This year we wrote a guide on how to clear out your full to bursting wardrobe for Summer and more recently we found readers enjoy our blog on how to live stress free at home as we recognised Stress Awareness Day.

Focusing on our products is also a must and the star of the show is always our sliding doors. We produced a blog this year which explored the versatility of sliding doors in your home and their ability to maximise space. This links to one of our more recent blogs which compares the term ‘bespoke’ to ‘off-the-peg’ furniture.

We hope you are also able to look back on what you have achieved and learned in 2018 and look forward to a new adventure in 2019!