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Modern Designs - Solidly Built

by Universal Interiors

Modern Designs - Solidly Built

This month we are looking at the Acacia which features in several of our designs.

Acacia is a large genus of shrubs and trees which boasts over 900 species native to Africa and mainly Australia. Over thousands of years, the Acacia has proved highly versatile and very resourceful. Aboriginal Australians harvest some of its species to create flour and globally its uses range from weapons, fodder, firewood, tannin and timber.

The black bark Acacia proves a particularly good source for tanning industries and even for waterproof adhesives. As a timber, it is very durable therefore resistant to surface damage; it is also water resistant and antibacterial. If you are yet to be convinced that Acacia is an ideal choice for furniture, it is so sturdy a timber that it is claimed to be the chosen timber for the Arc of the Covenant and The Tabernacle from the book of Exodus.

Above is one example of wardrobes in Acacia, our Canterbury design.