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Journey into the Past

by Universal Interiors

Journey into the Past

This month we are taking a journey into the past to see where wardrobes began and where design remains the same.

We have come quite far from the first wardrobes. In fact, the first were not quite wardrobes at all but chests were used to store clothing and belongings.

Wardrobes themselves originally were for those who could afford such a luxury like the elite and royalty - the few who actually had an array of clothing.

A wardrobe was a room to begin with rather than a single piece, complete with cupboards - not dissimilar to the walk in wardrobe we have today. The word came to be in the English language in the 14th Century - derived from the Old French warderobe or garderobe, ‘warder’ meaning ‘to keep’ and ‘robe’ being ‘garment’.

It would be 400 years later before we deemed ‘wardrobe’ as a piece of furniture rather than a room. By the 19th Century they became part of the everyday home due to mass production and the everyday man owning more clothing. Wardrobe designs began to expand and the fitted wardrobe was first created.

Come the 1960s, the mirrored door was introduced - a design still very much popular today which can be seen above in our Alabaster fitted wardrobes .