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From Trees to Wardrobes

by Universal Interiors

From Trees to Wardrobes

Wood has been the reliable substance for wardrobes since their creation and our love for its hardy and beautiful finish has been long lasting.

Today, we supply homes across the UK with fitted bedroom and home office furniture that feature a diverse range of durable wood from sustainable forestry. So, do you know your Maple from your Walnut or your Cherrywood from your Olive wood? (To name but a few materials used in our designs). Here are some interesting facts about Pine and Oak, Oak being a very popular choice in our furniture:

There are an incredible 126 species of Pine, which reside mainly in the Northern Hemisphere. Before the 19th Century, Pines were actually referred to as ‘Firs’. Possibly the most recognised Pines in the Western world are the smaller species grown to become not furniture per say but Christmas trees! The average Pines range from 50-150 feet but can stretch up to a staggering 260 feet and can reach ages between 100-1000 years old. The oldest recorded is the Great Basin Bristlecone Pine - a particular individual, who resides in the White Mountains of California, was affectionately nicknamed ‘Methuselah’ who is estimated to be around 4600 years old.

Pine truly is an old reliable, it is also commercially vital for timber and wood pulp universally.

If you wish your home to emanate a sense of power and vitality then Oak is the one for you. It embodies symbols of strength and endurance; it is the national tree for many countries and often features in mythology and religion. It is a strong hard wood with distinct grain markings and was a popular choice for Viking ships! In more modern times it can be seen throughout the Debating Chamber in the House of Commons.

Oak has a range of uses, its astonishing 600 species provide: wine barrels, wood chips for smoking food, Yamaha drums, lumber, medicinal supplies, ink and its acorns can even be used for flour and coffee.

In furniture alone, Oak provides a beautiful finish and sturdy option. Above is an example of one of our Oak fitted bedrooms.