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Classic Elegance

by Universal Interiors

Classic Elegance

Starting back up with our timber range, this month we are looking at Rosewood, perfect for those looking for a dark and glossy finish.

Rosewood is a timber belonging to the Dalbergia genus, often recognisable by their deep shades and dark veins. They are found widespread in Southern Asia, Africa, Central and South America and even Madagascar. It name was given due to its particularly sweet scent which can last a number of years.

Rosewood is a timber that polishes exceptionally well, taking on a high shine. It is a versatile wood due to its range of colours, from orange and yellow reds to deep purples. Uses for it go beyond furniture, rosewood is popular material for musical instruments, fountain pens and even as the black pieces in a chess set.

Here is an example of our Verona design in Rosewood which overs a very delicate and elegant look.