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Choosing Your Colours - Part 2

by Universal Interiors

Choosing Your Colours - Part 2

Following on from our previous blog, we are now looking at cool colours in your home and what they represent.

Green, often affiliated with the outdoors, can produce a sense of harmony to your home with its many crisp shades. It it often denoted as a colour of growth and fertility.

Create a sense of depth with blues, as one cannot help but think of the heavens or the sea. Blue has a calming effect, slowing the metabolism in soft and tranquil shades. Deeper shades are sometimes viewed as masculine colours as it is popular among men.

Purple provides the stability of blue combined with the energy found in red. Over the years, purple has been the colour of royalty, symbolising power, wealth and luxury and even a little spark of magic. It is a popular colour found among teenagers.

Lastly, we look at black. Black promotes a feeling of influence, form and sophistication. Used with bright colours it can really make an exquisite statement. Our example this week shows the same black Venice wardrobes but with blackberry highlights which gives the room a very distinguished final look.