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Choosing Your Colours - Part 1

by Universal Interiors

Choosing Your Colours - Part 1

Choosing the right colour scheme for your rooms can really project your personality in your home; that is why this month we are going to look at colours and their meaning. For July’s first blog, we are looking at white and warm colours.

White offers a very clean and pure look to your home, a simple choice which truly stands the test of time. It may look like a blank canvas to begin with but adding your furnishings or even a complementing colour will complete your classic look.

Yellow is an option for those desiring an illuminated and fresh design. It evokes a sense of happiness and energy and is often a choice for children’s rooms. For the more daring, black can complement this colour well.

For a more tropical look, orange is another wonderfully fresh option. One cannot help but think of citrus fruits with such a sunny and joyful colour choice.

If you are looking for more bold statements then red may be your choice. Red can be emotionally intense, often depicted as the colour of passion, power and energy.

Here at Universal Interiors we have vast array of designs that are guaranteed to complement, regardless of your colour and shade choice. Above is a great example of making use of a magnolia room by adding an adventurous shade of orange with black.