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Autumn Reds

by Universal Interiors

Autumn Reds

We are turning up the heat as September draws to a close and the days grow colder still as we explore the colour red and its connotations.

Across cultures, it is often associated with courage, happiness, and good fortune and is one of the most popular colours with people worldwide. The word for red in Russian (krasny) is similar to the word for beautiful (krasivy). In the Renaissance it was a colour which identified the royal and wealthy. Whereas in ancient Rome, it depicted the colour of warriors. It was also the chosen colour of the shawl a bride would wear - in many countries today, red is still considered the traditional colour for a bride.

Greeks and Hebrews alike recognised red as the colour of sacrifice and love.

It is also another superb option for a home study as it boosts our physical energy and encourages us to take action.

If you are looking for a bold statement then red is for you. Red can be emotionally intense, often depicted as the colour of passion, power and energy.

Blast those winter blues away with our High Gloss Bordeaux wardrobes in a rich red, after all, Bill Blass did say, ‘Red is the ultimate cure for sadness.’