• Not Just For Wardrobes...

    Not Just For Wardrobes...

    Sliding doors provide a contemporary storage solution and really maximise the space in your home. These designs are not limited to our wardrobes for bedrooms and storage solutions throughout your home, but we also supply them as doors for a clean and neat way to link the rooms in your home.


  • National Fudge Day

    National Fudge Day

    This month saw National Fudge Day and it got us thinking of all the tasty shades and designs we have on offer to tickle your tastebuds.


  • Ready for Summer

    Ready for Summer

    Summer is now here in all its glory and we are sure your wardrobes are fit to bursting with old and new clothes. We want your wardrobes not to simply look good on the outside but on the inside too.


  • Celebrating Earth Day

    Celebrating Earth Day

    This month sees the world celebrate Earth Day in which we witness many events held across the globe to support environmental protection, and raise awareness on how we can contribute to keeping our planet clean and healthy.

    Here at Universal Interiors, we are also striving to do our part in preserving our planet. Did you know that we only source our timber through sustainable and reputable suppliers? This applies to both our UK and abroad distributers.


  • Make Use Of Every Corner

    Make Use Of Every Corner

    We live in a society now where everything is tailored to the customer, their needs and individuality. Here at Universal Interiors, we are no different when it comes to you and your home.


  • From Wigwams to Wardrobes

    From Wigwams to Wardrobes

    As our timber series comes to a close, we look finally at birch wood which features in several of our designs.


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