• Mellow Yellow

    Mellow Yellow

    Now that the summer holidays are over, you may be finding yourself putting a sweater on as you step out the door; maybe even putting the heating on and looking at those winter warmer recipes for dinner.


  • World Photography Day

    World Photography Day

    This month celebrates World Photography Day, a day on which images are shared to inspire others and honour the positive impact that images can create.

    As a company, photos are vital for us to display our incredible range of designs which inspire our customers and help build their ideal home.


  • Back To School

    Back To School

    As the summer holidays draw to a close and the kids are back at school and university, we thought it would be a good opportunity to highlight our home office designs and children’s rooms.


  • Classic Design in the Modern Home

    Classic Design in the Modern Home

    In this month’s previous blog we highlighted our set of modern sliding doors. However, if the more traditional wardrobe is your style, we also have plenty of choices on hand.


  • Not Just For Wardrobes...

    Not Just For Wardrobes...

    Sliding doors provide a contemporary storage solution and really maximise the space in your home. These designs are not limited to our wardrobes for bedrooms and storage solutions throughout your home, but we also supply them as doors for a clean and neat way to link the rooms in your home.


  • National Fudge Day

    National Fudge Day

    This month saw National Fudge Day and it got us thinking of all the tasty shades and designs we have on offer to tickle your tastebuds.


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