• New Year - New Vision

    New Year - New Vision

    We are now in 2019 and as our first blog of the year, we figured it was the ideal time to share some of our exciting news and our plans for this coming year.


  • Hints, Tips, Facts and Quotes

    Hints, Tips, Facts and Quotes

    In our previous blog, we gave a synopsis of our popular blogs of 2018. We have now compiled a list of tips, facts and quotes for you from our blogs and posts of 2018.


  • Our 2018 Blogs

    Our 2018 Blogs

    As we power on through the final month of 2018, many of us feel reflective on what this year has meant to us individually, what we have achieved or discovered. Here at Universal Interiors we are looking back on all our blog highlights of 2018


  • Truly Bespoke

    Truly Bespoke

    Bespoke is a word that we use often at Universal Interiors, however, not everyone truly comprehends its meaning with regards to our company and the services we provide. In this blog, we explore the differences between ‘off the peg’ furniture compared to our bespoke service.


  • Stress Awareness Day

    Stress Awareness Day

    Today (November 7th) is Stress Awareness Day. Here at Universal Interiors, we aim to make your life less stressful with our made to measure storage solutions. As we are in the second last month of 2018, many of us will begin to feel the pressure as Christmas begins to approach. We have therefore come up with some tips on how to keep yourself less stressed at home.


  • Dictionary Day

    Dictionary Day

    As October saw Dictionary Day, we figured that it would be an ideal time to share with you the key words that encapsulate Universal Interiors as a company and brand.


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